The Auctioneer resolves all disputes and his/her decision is final and binding on all parties. All items
are sold “as is”. No returns will be accepted, and no refunds permitted. Winning bidders shall go to
the Auction Checkout to collect their lots and make payments. The law of the State of Florida shall
govern with respect to all auction sales.
A general price estimate is assigned to each Lot in the Auction and does not constitute an opinion of
The Auction or its sponsors as to the fair market value of the Lot, or tax treatment of the amount paid
for federal income tax purposes. The purchase price of a Lot may be deductible to the purchaser
only to the extent that such amount exceeds the fair market value of the Lot. It is the responsibility of
the purchaser to consult with his or his tax attorney to determine the amount of any tax benefit.
Wine Lots are described in this catalog as correctly as can be ascertained at the time of printing.
Buyers of wine lots must make appropriate allowances for natural variations of ullage, conditions of
cork and wine, other consequences of age and storage. No returns will be accepted, and no
refunds permitted.
It is the buyer’s responsibility to make his or her own reservations. It is strongly suggested that
you plan three to four months ahead of time. Taxes are the responsibility of the winning bidder. Only
those services listed in the lot description are included. Some restrictions may apply, and there may
be some blackout dates. Lost or stolen travel vouchers cannot be replaced. No returns will be
accepted, and no refunds permitted.
Payment can only be accepted from the successful bidder. Each buyer must pay the full purchase
price of each Lot purchased on the evening of the auction. Payments may be made with American
Express, Master Card, Visa, Discover or personal check with proof of identity, or cash. All checks
should be made payable to Camillus House.
No Lot may be removed from the premises until the buyer has paid the purchase price in full by a
method of payment described in the “Payment” section and received his or her receipt. A copy of the
paid invoice must be presented before a Lot can be released.
Delivery may be arranged for Wine Lots at the request of the buyer. Shipping arrangements,
expenses, insurance and/or applicable duties or customs charges are the responsibility of
the buyer. Since shipping regulations vary from state to state, out-of-state bidders should be familiar
with and are responsible for compliance with the laws of the destination locality. Buyer shall be
solely responsible for, and assumes all risk relating to, lost or damaged shipments, including but not
limited to any loss or damage due to exposure to temperature variations, shipping delays, or any
defect in or failure or any cork or other bottle closure. Neither the Auctioneer, Camillus House, nor
any of their respective agents or employees, make any representations, warranties or guarantees
whatsoever, express or implied, with respect to items (i.e. Lots) being sold at the Auction, including
but not limited to any statements made with respect to vintage, provenance, authenticity, quality or

condition of any auction item or Lot. This disclaimer covers information contained in catalogs,
brochures, and all other printed material published by us. Any statements made relating to the
property offered on the site are merely statements of opinion and at no time should be construed as
warranties and representations of fact or assumptions of any liability. Buyers assume the
responsibility to inspect the Lots and make their own decision as to the nature, quality and value of
the Lots. In the case of any dispute, any remedy of the buyer shall be exclusively against the Lot
vendor only and under no circumstances shall any remedy lie against the Auctioneer, Camillus
House, or any agent or employee thereof.